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The Difference Between Reading And Writing

Writing and speaking are typically used together because they are partly related. Each word is often associated with the other in reference to communication. Although they appear to get along very well in sentence structures, these two words bear some differences that contrast each other.

Reading is a passive action by

Reading is a passive action by which a person observes words, the environment, or recognizes body languages, and interprets observations to come up with a meaningful finding. When people read, they get a chance to view things through the eye of a writer. It is passively taking in new information written by someone else with an intention to impact knowledge. Reading uses the eye to while those with eye impairment read using hands and the brain. With reading, you become the recipient of an action, for instance, when you read a book you become a receiver of the information the writer wanted to put across. When a person makes gestures or certain body movements like nodding then you receive the message being communicated which makes you a recipient, therefore reading can be verbal, and nonverbal.

The Difference Between Reading And Writing

The characteristics of writing that help to distinguish between these two are as follows; writing puts a person on the front seat to express their thoughts to secondary parties who are the readers. Writing is a creative process that requires an individual to share his mind with other people to make their voice count. This process requires a person to use hands, a writing tool, and a writing pad to be successful. In this case, writers become directly involved in giving out information as they are people who physically indulge in the process while readers become secondary parties. It is a nonverbal method of communication as it deals with written materials for communication rather than oral means of passing information.

Having discussed these two actions, the difference lies in the nature of these actions. Briefly, reading is more of a passive action with messages moving from a writer’s communication medium to a reader’s mind. It involves being a recipient of nonverbal modes of communication such as books, or a scornful face which makes it the most basic compared to writing that requires higher knowledge for it to be done. Writing requires a person to be actively involved by using their hands, message flows from the writer to the reader, makes the writer the giver of details, and it is perfected over time.