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How to know if your writing is getting better

Seeing your critiques can be one of the hardest things to do because it is not easy to pick out flaws in your writing. This can be frustrating sometimes because it leaves you in a dilemma whether you are getting better at the craft or not. Albeit self-evaluation is key for self-development, being too hard on yourself is not the right way to go about things. These are some ways someone would be able to tell if their writing is improving.

Putting written content on sharing your work websites or platforms will assist in seeking advice from different experienced writers. Writers who have more expertise will most likely have both positive and negative comments which could be improved. Learning from them will be much easier than depending on the knowledge already known. Be careful with which forum you decide to use because most of them are filled with scammers with no experience who are looking to deceive others. Teachers, parents, friends and guardians might also tell by reading through if the writing is improving. If other people start giving compliments on that then it implies that there is change.

Staying on topic and discussing it

Noticing mistakes in older works suggests that you have learned a thing or two throughout the writing experience. Going through another writer’s work and noticing issues might be a sign that there is growth. Suggesting improvements to be made goes to show the skills acquired during the experience. Doing more research on how to improve these mistakes provides lessons on what to do correctly next time. The simplest errors can make or break a piece, hence seeking near perfection is key.

Staying on topic and discussing it to exhaustion is a clear sign of getting better. Being a writer requires patience as all these things do not happen overnight. Passion about it is required to keep the fire burning. Discussing the given topic in detail and not diverging or beating about the bush shows growth. Everything comes with practicing and the more practice is done then perfection draws nearer. Good writers always have a good flow of ideas with consistent formatting and once someone notices that they can write without thinking for a long time then that is a great indicator that you have learned something.

How to know if your writing is getting better

Take constructive criticism positively and work on them. Only allow being corrected by people who have the best interest at heart. Malicious people will keep making sure that they make you feel bad about yourself. Criticism can bruise someone’s self-esteem but only people who desire to get better will understand that correction is a form of learning. As the saying goes, you are as good as your last job. Strive to write the best piece with everything an opportunity comes up as this will always maintain the standards every piece requires.

Learn to make mistakes, a comeback, not a setback, by avoiding repeating them at all costs. Believe in the abilities you acquire and make sure every piece is written with passion. Change is gradual but the outcome is always something life changing.