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Difference between a writer and an author

Writing is a skill that can be learned by anyone who has enough motivation. However, others were born with this skill, being able to put down pieces together making it very interesting to an extent to which people can just sit and read it all day long. To become a good writer, there are qualities that you need to possess for you to make sure to achieve the best results. Writers include people who spend their days writing books or short stories. If you also put down entries every day in a diary and a journal, you fall under this category. This includes writing other people’s thoughts and ideas, take an example of a journalist who spends his or her days talking to people only to put down what they are thinking or their ideas.

A good writer pays attention to

A good writer pays attention to detail because they need to write facts. They spend time just observing things that are happening around them, finding out how whatever is happening can be put down to attract as many readers as possible, in writing. Paying attention to details leads to originality of content because people are always seeing different things, meaning that what he might see is not what you have seen. A good writer is discipline, having self-drive to achieve whatever goals he has set. This starts with putting on paper the goals you aim at achieving in a particular time span. In addition to that, you need to make sure that you achieve that goal, within that intended time. Doing this will make sure that you do not have any work pending, enabling you to carry out other activities comfortably without struggling.

Without a passion for reading, it

Without a passion for reading, it is impossible to write interesting pieces that are interesting to read. It is from reading that you get new ideas on how to do things. This does not include reading only fictional stories and novels, it includes taking time to read other articles like those that you write yourself. As someone continues to read consistently, he expands his knowledge and skills since you will come across better articles than yours, making you to realize what you should do to reach that level. Reading also opens up your mind to new ideas and formats making you a better writer. Without clarity, your written piece of work remains unattractive to a reader possibly since they cannot understand what you have written.

Difference between a writer and an author

Readers enjoy reading what they understand, and this applies to all levels of a language. Beginners find it difficult to understand content that can be understood by experts, while experts find beginner’s content to be boring because of how simple the words used are. A good piece is well-structured with a captivating beginning, body that flows maintaining the attention of a reader and an ending which leaves the reader satisfied or anxious, depending on the aim of the text. Without this clarity, it may be impossible to keep your readers throughout the text.

Vocabulary is another important factor in writing. It would not be interesting at all to read a text which has many grammatical errors, with vocabulary that cannot even be understood. This will definitely repel a reader as he will spend time concentrating on the grammatical errors while trying to correct them. He will be required to walk around with a dictionary due to the big words used that cannot be understood. Vocabulary is important if it is relevant to the subject of the text. An example is that science terms should not be used when a text that is about languages. That is just irrelevant.

The main difference between an author and a writer is that the latter refers to anyone who can write anything from diary entries to short stories. The former refers to a writer whose work has been published. If you have written work and it has gone through publication, you are an author. An author has original work that has not been seen anywhere else since he comes up with the idea, plot and content all by himself. Therefore, a writer can become an author through publication of his work, resulting in an upward movement in a social hierarchy. A good author needs to possess every quality of a good writer, for the work to be worth publishing.